The Export Suite


  Add-on Modules



Every export company needs to maintain photo-samples as a part of their efficient sampling process. Export EMS Poto-Sampling version enables you to create multiple photo albums for different items - category wise and collection wise. This is a highly useful add-on module  for companies wishing to computerize their photo albums.

This Add-on module is available for Export EMS 3.0 and and 4.0 versions only. 

Additional facilities include - 

Facility to Store Photos of Products

Software provides the facility to store multiple images per item in the software which can be used for photo-sampling and in other modules.

Facility to Print Item Labels with Images

This version provides the facility to print labels of Items along with their photos in various formats.

Photo Catalogue

Facility to print multiple selective Items along with their product image and description with option to print either one or multiple photographs per page in the catalogue.

Slide Show of Selected Item Category

Software provides the facility to view slide show of selected category/group of Items with user-specified product details and photograph. This facility is widely used these days by Exporters to show their categorized Products to Buyers or interested parties in Fairs/Exhibitions or when Buyers/Buying Agents visit their premises.

Photo Offer Sheet

On enquiry, Exporter can print/email Photo-Offer sheet to various Buyers with product photograph which is a very useful tool adopted these days to maximize conversion of Enquiries to confirmed Orders.

Purchase Orders with Item Photos 

This version of the software can be used to print Purchase orders for vendors along with the Item photograph so as to eliminate any confusion in product ordered for and product delivered by the vendors. It results in hassle-free trade with vendors.




The Export EMS softwares have an in-built facility to export documents and reports in Ms-Word, Text and PDF formats.

Export EMS Ms-Excel add-on module provides the facility to export shipment documents and reports to Ms-Excel file format. It is available for all the versions of Export EMS. 

Additional facilities include - 

Email Documents in Ms-Excel format

This module provides users facility to Email the documents like Invoice, Packing etc in Ms-Excel formats along with Ms-Word/Rtf options. Ms-Excel formats are sometimes preferred by Buyers, Shipping agents and and other agencies as Ms-Excel is the preferred application in some companies for business purposes.

Export User-specific MIS Reports to Ms-Excel

Apart from Shipment documents, any User-specific Report designed using “Report Designer” module of the software can be exported to Ms-Excel whereby users can further increase utility of such reports by adding calculations, graphs etc to them.



softwares are available in Single-user and Multi-user LAN versions and are compatible to WINDOWS 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7/8/10 environments.